I’m facing him again;

He’s some centimeters away from me …

I can’t speak my mind.
I’m confused.
I like him but i can’t understand his feelings.
I’m confused.
I don’t want to destroy what we have now but i don’t think he values it.
I’m confused.

Every time i try to be honest, I put a fraud and gulp everything;
trying to be friendly;
trying not to scare him;
trying to understand him;
trying to be a buddy he can trust.

I’m afraid;
of ruining the moment.
I’m afraid;
of ruining our past.
I’m afraid;
to face his feelings.
I’m afraid;
of leaving him.

I’m facing him again, asking about nonsense.
He’s not comfortable, so I’ll just pretend I am
and try to convince myself he doesn’t know..

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