Maybe not, but if it really is ..
Should I feel something?

I’ve been through similar situations in the past.
I’m not a child anymore; crying or throwing a tantrum over someone grabbing my toy and throwing it on the ground.

I’ve been through similar situations in the past.
With every step on the toy,
With every spit on the toy;
My heart gets stronger

and stronger

and stronger…

The sound echoes dull in the room.
The warm liquid droplets not running on my cheeks this time.
Instead, a smile curves on the once bitten lips.

“Told you.”


We. Never. Existed.

“What if we simply didn’t meet? If I was dead before you were born? Or what if at the same time you were living your whole life in China and I had never left Europe?

Our eyes never crossed. Our hands never touched. We never exchanged a word. We never made each other laugh nor cry. We never made sweet love nor woke up with our bodies tightly intertwined. We. Never. Existed. And we could, we really could become everything, true everything to each other. If we had just met.

So, why do you suffer so much when someone you love goes away? At least, you had your chance. Be grateful for it. You shared a moment, one night or a whole year, doesn’t matter. You. Were. Something. And it’s true what they say, everything we love we will leave behind.

But, what about all those friends & lovers we never met nor will ever meet? For them, I cry sometimes.”

—Ines Kotarac


When the sun shines bright,
sparkles on your hair can be seen.
Your shimmering eyes capture the light rays inside them;
As you open them you send them out again..

Your lips are like the forbidden fruit in this perfect garden called “your face”.
It is mature, inviting me to taste it..
but at the same time raw, as my feelings towards you.
Once I’ve felt the taste of it, everything will change.
And most importantly I will not be able to stop myself any more…
Your nose?
Aw that small gem, protected in the center of your beauty.
So precious and small, fragile and necessary for your existence..

This garden… this garden, I shall watch but never touch.
Carefully and attentively cover it within my two hands;
Water it with kisses and caresses;
Tender feelings surrounding it,
being the juice that will feed it’s growth.

Your light rays may be focused on someone else’s garden, but mine are yours;
Necessary for your garden to grow.
That is my pleasure and obligation.
I will pass on you my warmth, my sweet air breeze..

Let your fruit be touched softly by the right gentle wind, like a feather..
and your gem, caressed tenderly like the finest silk.

You are my sun behind the moon… an eclipse.